I am a scientist.
I am a researcher.
I am a wife-to-be.
I am mom to furry babies.
I am ambitious.
I am stubborn.
I am queer.

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i rarely utilize this space anymore. if you are interested in continuing to follow me, want to see lots of pictures of my life and wife, and don’t mind the occasional complaint about the weather - follow me on instagram @malisme. 


My shop is dedicated to my great-grandmother Marjorie Ozetta, who taught me the foundations of knitting and crocheting when I was 10 years old. I would stay with her for weeks in the summer months, and we would wake up early to cook breakfast, watch movies, and curl up in her handmade quilts, crocheting. She always said, “Little Hailey, you can do anything.” … When she passed away in 200 … I wanted to keep her memory alive in some way, so I opened my shop.” — Hailey Smedley

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they mean stoned



my queerly beloved

my number one doofbal

i sure am one happy sonovagun

i wanna do everything with you

thanks for being my soulmate

and for sharing your clothes

lets keep bein weird together, ok?

happy anniversary boo!

Uber adorbz.  So happy for you both and so happy that dotty brought you into the fold ;) millions of kisses.

and ps who the heck is going to take adorable pictures of you two hooligans now that I live a million miles away!? :P 

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Extra panel.

Everyone should follow Ryan. 



Incredible Moleskine drawings by Kerby Rosanes

A must listen.

A History of Everything, Including You